Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 2

June 15, 2010

Thank you all for the wonderful letters. The MTC is going fine. I have been having a blast this past week. Its still so hard and at times it gets frustrating trying to learn the language but than I just stop and take a second and think what the Lord might be trying to teach me for all struggles he puts me through. I’m extremely thankful for all those opportunities to grow. I’m glad you all sent me a bunch of pictures. It’s good to see Kaylee’s flowers she wanted me to have. I would like to have a real copy of that and many more. I forgot to mention that a little book of family pictures would be nice so I can show all the elders in my district how big my family is. I guess Koreans are going to freak out because a family of four is huge over there.

Anyways thanks Trent for the update on your fishing and weight gain. I've been pounding down the food but I haven’t weighed myself yet. There is a scale in the gym but I keep forgetting to go and weigh myself. I’ve just been doing pushups and pull-ups. But we have Monday night competitions for pushups and pull-ups so it’s been good with that. Those fish are pretty big that you caught. You could send me a copy of those too if you want. Does Easton have a fight coming up? Maybe I can get to post fight picture or something.

Bishop, thanks a bunch for that copy of Zach's talk about Jarred. I’m going to try and read it if I have time left over after this email but you know how they only let you on for thirty minutes so I didn’t want to risk running out of time. Thanks for all that you have done for me. Your little makeshift note you wrote me really has been helping me. It’s my bookmark for my journal so I read it every night and I promise I’m being obedient.

Thanks family for all the letters you wrote last Sunday. I got them like on Wednesday and I wrote you all back today so you should get it in a couple days.

Thanks Tory for the letter. Our zone is really cool except for a couple of the older elders from the older district. I can totally see what you mean when you said that they’d try and act like they are fluent with the language and tell you how to speak. One of our teachers told us not to listen to them when they give us advice so he was basically saying the same thing you were. Speaking of the language, It’s really hard and I can barely struggle through a testimony and prayer. It’s getting a little easier each week but I am far from being able to hold a conversation of any kind.

Thanks for the dearelder letters they help out a lot because I don’t have to read the emails on here so keep them coming. Lauren I would prefer if you just kept up with the amount of letters you send because they help. They are kind of like little pep talks everyday so they’re keeping me motivated. I cannot wait for the package from mom and you. I’m going to write you a good letter today. Sorry if you thought my last letter was weak, I’ll do better.

This past week we started practicing our teaching on fake investigator but it was still really nerve-racking. Our first time we taught was brutal but that’s all I’m going to say about it. We got a chance on Saturday to teach again and it was a hundred times better. Even though you know its fake and that no matter what you say they’re not going to stop going to church, its still really awesome to teach someone and see how you can answer their questions about the gospel. Over the past two weeks, which feel like forever, I have learned so much about how to become an effective missionary and how I can be a tool in the Lords hands. Preach My Gospel is really amazing and I suggest the Priests in the ward start to read it and study from it because that coupled with the Book of Mormon will help you become not only a better missionary but a better person. It’s something I’m going to use for the rest of my life. Please use it now and don’t wait like I did until I got out here. I could have been so much more prepared if I had used it. Well I’m getting numbers flashed at me telling me my times up. I’ll send your letters out today and I can’t wait to here from all you. I would say goodbye in Korean but I don’t think I can do that on the computer. I love you all and I miss you a bunch. Pray for me :)


Elder Chapman

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