Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 6

Family and Friends,

Happy Birthdays Travis and Tyler. i tried to tell you last week but i ran out of time. sorry i heard you had a good gift of tie and cuff links. Wow half way done with the MTC and it still feels like i came in last week. i had an awesome week with korean and just some great spiritual experiences. first i got to listen from Elder Dellenbach from the quorum of the Seventy. He talked about making each day count and about how he got challenged by his mission president for not working hard enough and he had grown up on a farm so that cut him to the core. He also talk about keeping a good journal and talking about all the positive and keeping everything outside of mission work outside of your journal. I've been pretty goood with my journal but i feeel i can put more in about what im learning as a missionary instead of jsut a travel log foer the day. those are two thing i took from that talk. this last week was a busy week in the language because we had to teach a full lesson in korean. so the entire week i scripted out exactly what i want to say and took the week working on translating it over. when i practiced it on saturday brother Im, the natvie korean teacher, said it was good but our districe sounded like robots. he said that he didnt remember a whole lot of the information from when the misssionaries taught him but he did remember feeling the spirit and said that it more important than covering the lesson. so when we went to go teach in korean, i left my script behind which really scared me and i didnt know what possessed me to do that but i did. before we went to our rooms we had a companionship prayer and asked that we might know what to say in the lesson. the lesson went great!! we were able to say exactly what we wanted, very slowly of course, and testified strongly and it was the first time i had really felt the spirit teaching in korean so i learned that the spirit really does speak all languages. on Sunday we had some good meetings. i taught the District lesson on paitence. i learned a lot from teaching and i think its going to help a lot to continue to be paitient with everything. I also found out that i am the new district leader because we switch half way through here. I realized i need to pick it up in all areas and work harder than the rest of the elders in my District if i want to influence them to be better missionaries just like i want to be a better missionary. i think about king benjamin was so revered by his people because himself as king labored among them. so i think i can best serve my district by being a harder worker than i have been. i am trying very hard to finish the book of mormon this week. i want to finish it twice while im at the mtc so i have to get working this week so i have plenty of time to do it next week. on sunday night we got to listen from Sister Jenny Oaks Baker, Elder Oaks daughter. She played the violin amazingly and it was the best musical concert i've ever been too. she did incredibly and i guess she plays at the mtc every summer. thank you for the package Kyle and Amy and all of the kids. the Letters were great and i really enjoyed them. The puzzle was hard but after a couple hours i figured it out. thanks for all the words of wisdom Kyle. im going to read some of it to the members of my district tonight after our devotional. Finally today we got to go work in the TEmple for three hours cleaning up. it was a great experince. the temple will be worked on for another two weeks before they open it again. i had a lot of time to contemplate since i was on my hands and knees for three hours scrub the corners for dust. it was good. i thought about all the ways i can set good habits to improve myself as a missionary. thanks mom and dad for all the knowledge you blessed me with im so thankful for my family. i love you all very much. im excited to see the person im becoming and the habits im creating for the rest of my life. Missions are Awesome. I love you All.

Elder Chapman.

Ps please send my some of the elders from our wards addresses so i can writed them before i leave the mtc

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