Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 4

June 29, 2010

How is everyone doing this week? I’m having a great time at the MTC. This past week I had a lot of good moments both spiritually and with the language. Before I get to that, I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me to get ready for my mission and for all the love and letters so far. Feel free to keep them coming.

So this week I basically got really pumped to go to Korea because the two older districts in our zone and flying out to Korea next Monday!! So in two weeks we will be getting new missionaries and we will only have five weeks to go. It’s crazy to think of how fast this is going in the MTC. I feel like I’ve only been here forever though. Next week is our halfway point in the MTC. I also need to mention that I saw Bentley Boyens and Jeremy Rios. Elder Boyens is going to Arizona and I think he leaves next week!! Elder Rios got here on Wednesday and I’ve seen him everywhere, which is a surprise since he's short and there are so many elders here. I’m just kidding, it’s actually because we are in the same Residence Hall so I could go visit him whenever really.

Anyways, this week was the new mission presidents training seminar so all the new presidents starting were here. The entire administration building was closed off. On Friday we had a special fireside where we got to listen from Elder Dallin H. Oaks. It was pretty amazing and one of the benefits of being in the MTC forever is that you get to see some sweet talks like that. Also in attendance was Elders Holland, Cook, Bednar, Scott, Anderson, Christofferson, and Nelson. A companionship in our district got to shake Elder Nelsons hand during the week when he was walking around and another one got to shake Christoffersons before the fireside. It was a cool experience to see so many great men in one setting and it definitely makes you want to aspire to act like they do.

Speaking of great men, Congratulations Bishop Chapman. I know that you’ll do a great job. You've always been a great example to me and I know the ward in Valley Center will benefit from seeing your example to them.

On Monday we had a meeting that really has inspired me to develop the faith that Ammon and Alma had along with other great missionaries in the Book of Mormon. It was a cool meeting and gave me a lot of ways to improve how I look at the missionary work. Something I want to be the first things that I change in myself is the way I see people and how I perceive how receptive they would be of the gospel. I just need to work hard and talk to everyone and see them how god sees them. I don’t think that will be too difficult since I haven’t seen non-members in weeks. I’m really excited and it gets more and more exciting each and everyday. I’m working hard on the language to prepare myself as best as I can now and I can’t wait to learn a whole lot more of humbling lessons from Heavenly Father. The Gospel is true. I love you all very much. I cannot wait to hear more from you.

Elder Chapman

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