Monday, July 19, 2010

Week 3

June 22, 2010

So I’m in my third week now and I cannot believe how fast things are going. In two weeks the two older districts are going to be heading for Korea and two days later we will be getting new elders. It’s crazy!

First, thanks for all the letters and thanks to mom and Lauren for the package it was really good. That’s a lot of candy and everyone has a bunch of it here so I’ll try and eat it all.

Thanks Sean for the email. It was really helpful to get my mindset off of my struggles of the language and on who I’m going to be trying to serve. I’m going to work hard on myself and allow the lord to fulfill His will through me.

Thanks Allie for the letter you sent me, it made me feel really good and makes me want to work harder so Brody can see that I’m being a “missionary lion.” Tell Brody I want him to be a missionary lion when he grows up so he needs to be a good boy. Tell Sydney that I loved our seesaw picture. Especially my rainbow hair. Thanks for the note on the back too.

I had a great "missionary day". This week has been kind of weird with the mail. The dear elder thing was doing something weird so we got a huge stack of them from all weekend and yesterday. However, I did hear about the Lakers winning the championship and I have an even stronger testimony that the Lord blesses those who sacrifice the NBA finals to serve him :) I was really excited when I found out and told everyone in my zone. I guess my zone leader is from Los Angeles so he was excited to hear that too.. And I found out that his birthday is April nineteenth too, except he’s like 24.

Anyways, the week went by fast. Korean is still really hard but I’m starting to understand all the grammar forms and how to conjugate the verbs which is the basis of making sentences. Right now all I can do is just memorize sentences out of our language study book. But eventually if I learn enough vocab I hope I’ll be able to make my own sentences. I also bore my testimony in Spanish for like a minute just because all the words sound so much like English when we hear Spanish elders speaking so I just copied a lot of what they said. I was just joking with one of the elders in my district about how lucky English speaking elders have it. I actually would prefer speaking another language because the Lord challenges them in so many ways that a different from mine. But anyways, the language is hard and I still feel like I did the first day here. But I guess ill see how much I really know when we get new elders in two weeks.

Lindsay, thanks for the email.. I’m glad to hear that you're waking up early and working out with Lauren. It was my favorite thing to do before I came out. I hope your trip was really fun you should dropped me off some doughnuts. A lot elders get crispy creams dropped of here so that would have been good ha.

But anyways, I have been playing a lot of basketball when we have gym and it’s alright but definitely not as fun as playing with all the brothers. I bet the house is empty without the coolest brother on the planet. Oh and by the way I forget to congratulate Tyler on graduating. I know you are working hard on your studies and it’ll help you a lot when you get out here on a mission. Keep setting those high goals and improve your study habits constantly. I saw those pictures that you sent me of your clothes. That’s a nice blue.

Lauren, I have only one question, how did you do that to your truck? I had just barely washed it too a couple weeks ago. That looks pretty amazingly sweet. Anyways I got to go but I just sent you a letter but found out about that just now. I love you guys have a good week ill be back next week :)

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